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Радио во живо

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 Tose i Slavjanski bazar

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Age : 33
Местолокација : Bulgaria

ПишувањеПредмет: Tose i Slavjanski bazar   Саб Jул 05, 2008 3:07 pm

Zdravo na site,vi pisuvam vav vrzka pocetok na nova akcija koja se organizira. Ve zboruvam za Festilava v Belarus Slavijanski bazar.Tose ja dobija nagradata Gran Pri 2000 godina so pesnata "Tajno moja".
Od nas ce se saka isto kao za Eurovision,toa pat e-mails sa po malku.Pismoto koe ce se prasta e gotovo. Samo treba da prastate pismoto od e-maila si kolku se moze po cesto. Toa sto se desi na radiiskia festival Hvar. moze da se desi i so Slav.bazar ,mislam deka Tose zasluzuva toa i mnogo poveke.
Ova e linka kon sajta na festivala Slavqnski bazar, kojto saka moze da go razgleda: http://festival.vitebsk.by/ru/contest/pop07/c/
nemame mnogo vreme za da se borime za Tose - festivala se udrza od 11 do 18 juli . Samite organizatori na Slavqnski bazar sa posvetili mesto v sajta si na Tose............tako ce....moze da se nadame na uspeh v nasata iniciativa.

Ovo sa adresite, na koi treba da se saljia pismoto:
E-mail: festival@gck.by

- A ova e i pismo, koe treba da saljiame:

I`m writing to you on behalf of Toshe Proeski`s Fan Club. Many people of different ages from Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria are members of this club. They are united by the love and pain for Toshe Proeski, who , as you know, left this world absurdly on October 16th 2007.
All his fans address you with a hearty request. We ask you for sparing a little time on this year`s festival “Slavonic bazaar”, in order to commemorate the name and the honour of this young man!
As you know, in 2000 Tose Proeski participated in the festival and won Grand Prix. We think you`ll agree with us that he deserves to be respected and honoured. He doesn`t deserve just one thing – to be forgotten!
Toshe Proeski was gifted from God with sublime voice and talent. Everyone, who has heard at least one of his performances, knows this. Toshe carried the music in his soul, he was born to live on the stage. His talent didn`t know borders and countries. Tose was accepted warmly wherever he went. He easily captivated people`s hearts. He was very young, but he gave and received so much… In 2004 Toshe participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul, where the medias and the numerous audience were carried away by him.
But Toshe wasn`t just good music. He gained the people`s affection and love with something, which a few people have nowadays – an enormous heart! Not for nothing is Toshe still called “the Balkan angel”. His faith in God has always made him believe that he should those, who didn`t have the opportunities he had. Everyone, who knew him, was aware of the fact that Toshe wasn`t obtaining benefit from this.
Strongly religious , he found consolation and peace of mind in the monastery in his home town – Krusevo. In 2004 Tose became an ambassador of goodwill for UNICEF on the Balkans. The song “This World”, created on this occasion, became an anthem of the humanitarian organization.
Toshe Proeski held numerous humanitarian concerts. His last concert in Skopie, on October 5th 2007, was humanitarian,too. The funds assisted the quality improvement of education in his home country – Macedonia. In 2003 Toshe received the Mother Theresa Humanitarian Award. He regularly supported and participated in the Macedonian Red Cross actions.
Everything we listed so far shows that this young man doesn`t deserve to be forgotten! All these facts prove that Toshe is a person, whose lead we have to follow – to be humanе and gentle. Toshe had such charisma that he succeeded in uniting the Balkans by his song, smile and the sincerely “Ve sakam site”, which means “I love all of you”. He really loved everybody, because he had a heart – capable of gathering up the love for all the people. And that`s why we must try to be like him!
An example of what Tose did is our forum, where people, who speak different languages, find a universal one – the Toshe`s language. We are trying to continue what he was doing, his mission – to and protect children – his truest love. That`s why another thing which unites us are the humanitarian actions – organized by the members of the Fan Club. We are trying to make the little orphans happy. Toshe was their guardian angel. Now we consider it our duty to make these children feel cherished and to give them joy, as he did.
We believe all this is the best provement that Tose lived his short life with dignity and full of value. If there is Paradise….he is undoubtedly there! We want him to be proud of us and of himself!
After all the things, written so far, we are asking you to pay attention to our sincere request. We would be very grateful if you would spare few minutes, in order to express our esteem and respect to Toshe. We want to thank him for what he was and for what he left behind him.
We are looking forward to receiving an answer from you. We sincerely hope you won`t be indifferent.
Let`s make the world beautiful place for living! Let`s find a place in our souls for the kindness and the good music!

Respectfully yours: ( tuka pi6ete svoeto ime, grad i darzava)
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Tose i Slavjanski bazar
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